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The Healthy Connection is a wellness center in Hobe Sound, FL, with an array of natural products and services.

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7 thoughts on “Home

  1. My experience with Madeline at The Mad Aesthetic was a 10++.I am 57 and no stranger to facials.This was an EXPERIENCE ! The warmth and care Irecieved was unprecidented.I left fe eedruling like I had a new best friend.Iwas so impressed by
    Her knowledge of not just “skin” but of body mind and spirit. I was under no pressure at all to purchase products like most places but they have some really cool stuff.Soaps ,teas,skin care,And CBD products at great prices. Thank you Madeline for your TRUE gift of healing .See You Soon

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  2. i have been a Licensed Massage therapist for over 30 years and have traded with other massage therapists and probably have had several thousand massages———-Madeleine gave me a Facial and I believe it gave me a much more deep relaxation trance than ANY massage I have ever had !!!! You should definitely give her a shot and try one of her Facials —–they are DIVINE ……………………

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    1. Thank You! haha, I’m about a year behind with my response to this, but thankfully I’m blessed to call you a friend at this point! Thanks for the support ❤


  3. I can’t think of 1 think that you don’t put your heart and soul into. You are truly born to be a healer.Its your calling.

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  4. Maddie- thank you so much for the awesome facial reflexology treatment 2x, the educational interview, and time spent with me & my husband related to the pressure points to help us understand what needs to be done at home. The book will be most helpful. I am sure your future will have no limitations as you continue on your journey. Wish you the best. Blessings & peace Brenda


    1. I’m so thankful you took the time to share these thoughts with me here! Its wonderful to meet people like you both, I am so blessed! I have faith the reflexology will be as transformative to you both as it has been for me. Looking forward to it all! Thank you for the support! Much love, always.


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