WTF Everything has chemicals?

I should elaborate on why the address of my site is such a strong statement.

Everything. That’s about as all-inclusive as it gets. I say this because science teaches so… The periodic table of elements recognizes every pure substance known to and made by man. These substances in their purest forms can react and form new substances. All that is tangible and visible in this world has a chemical formula, a recipe. Water, air, plants, etc.

“Chemophobia” is a buzz-word that’s been circulating lately; fearful, phobic of chemicals, simply put. But of course, it’s more complex. I chose “everything has chemicals, offering help to more easily navigate this manufactured world. As consumers, we need to learn what is in the mix of things we absorb. If that sounds slightly creepy, it’s because you might have things to worry about.

In language, words can have more than one meaning. On labels, ingredients have more than one name, a disguise! Call me crazy, but I think it’s no coincidence. Take sugar for example, or the infamous MSG. Each has more than a few dozen names. If you’re not as well versed, it gets tricky. Ever tried reading and defining each term on your products? This can be difficult without a dictionary. Also, if you did not know, ingredients are ordered according to their concentrations. More of it mixed into the product will move it higher up on the list. I personally do not care for the FDA or their not-so-strict regulations. This founded my zero-tolerance policy for suspicious, synthetic, artificial, and carcinogenic ingredients, or shall I say chemicals. Everything has chemicals.

I offer professional guidance out of South Florida and to the surrounding areas. You can browse all the services I offer in the treatments section of this site.

Educations is a large part of what I do. Feel free to ask me anything!

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