Kindness like a virus

Written by: Bonnie Isham Willis, Hobe Sound Local, June 5, 2020.

A call to Action

Right now!

“As we begin to rebuild our lives, we have a unique opportunity to step into a completely new reality. Use whatever tools you can to send the message of Love out to the world.  But, don’t stop there! This is a call for action! We have to do the work. If we want a better world, we have to BE better.

Like a community rebuilds after a natural disaster, we are simultaneously rebuilding our personal lives, communities, and the larger global world in which we live.  We must build a world we can be proud of.


How do we start?

We start by rebuilding our personal lives with compassion and integrity. There are no rules – just put more love, kindness, compassion, and creativity into your life and try to touch someone else’s life everyday too.

We can each build our personal life to be exactly as we want. If you want good health, celebrate what your body can do and give it the healthy food and exercise it needs to be the best it can be.  If you want more love in your marraige or your life in general, then be more loving.  Give out what you want to get back from the world.

Create more love and acceptance within your family, friends, community, and business contacts. Our outer world reflects our inner world. The ideal is to be so happy and make your world so content, grateful, and loving, that it overflows into your community. But until we get there, our intentions should be to be as happy and loving as you can. One step at a time. Let’s make America, and the rest of the world, greater than before.


Rebuild with Integrity

If you want the world to be a compassionate, supportive environment of tolerance and acceptance, then that is what you need to bring.  Reform your life and business to extend the message that you want to share.  Enlist the help and support of your network of family, friends, neighbors, professional contacts…with love and understanding.

And then…when it is safe to get together again, let’s make it worthwhile!

Less criticism, more praise.

Less complaining, more gratitude.

Less wasteful convienance, more Earth concious.

Less big box-stores, more local small-business support.

Less worry, more count-your-blessings.


Put your money where your mouth is

Use your money to support businesses that do good work, uphold your ideals, and are active in your community. Stop supporting politicians and businesses that don’t support your ideals.

Stop expecting everyone else to be generous and grateful – Show them the way!

Stop waiting for someone else to take care of it – Show them the way!

Stop putting focus on the negative and put emphasis on the positive!

Don’t give up after 2 weeks or 2 months. This is not a New Year’s Resolution or trend.  This is a way of living that will make a habit which will then continue to grow and thrive with consistency and perserverance.

You may fear that your little amount won’t do much good; It may not make a difference in the global market, but it will make a big difference to whoever you help and those that feel your support. You will be inspiring all those around you to do some good of their own.


Kindness travels at the same speed as a Virus

  • Celebrate the good things people are doing, share about them, praise them.
  • Give out 3 sincere compliments every single day.
  • Clean up that road, beach, park.
  • Donate time or money to a local shelter, community center, non-profit, art center.
  • Volunteer your time and effort to an organization you love and appreciate. They can all use the help!
  • Do business with a heart-centered mission.

Be kind to family, friends and neighbors, but most importantly, to the angry ones, the ones who need it most. Be kind to everyone.”


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Thank you for reading!

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