“I don’t buy it.”

Hype. Garbage. Baloney, malarkey, rubbish, snake oil, hocus pocus, fads, processed crap. Whatever you want to call it, most commonly known as… B u | | $ # ! T. We can “buy” (literally and figuratively) into the most diverse market Earth has ever seen. My work falls into categories of beauty, anti-aging, wellness, alternativesContinue reading ““I don’t buy it.””

The MAD (???) Aesthetic

What does that mean? The way I think about it, Aesthetics is a DEEP field. It’s more than cosmetics, beauty, skincare. It’s personal; EVERYTHING pertaining to your senses. Sight || Touch || Taste || Smell || Sound …and it’s NOT just for women! Most importantly, it will evolve! Mine is still evolving. I went fromContinue reading “The MAD (???) Aesthetic”

“Skin deep” // new meaning

Gotta have “thick skin” in this world. I find meaning behind that coined phrase…in more ways than one. How thick is skin exactly? [Keep reading and you’ll get a visual.] Answering that question depends who we examine; Age, gender, ethnicity, lifestyle, and area of examination will influence results. Licensed for professional skincare since 2008, IContinue reading ““Skin deep” // new meaning”

“Eyelash Dysmorphia”

A fun fact for anyone reading this- the skin around your eyes is the thinnest skin on the whole body, ranging in depth from 0.0-0.05 mm. Get your rulers out people, that is barely measureable! You can now begin to understand how and why eyes age so rapidly. I noticed that thin skin around myContinue reading ““Eyelash Dysmorphia””

WTF Everything has chemicals?

Everything. That’s about as all-inclusive as it gets. I say this because chemistry teaches so… The periodic table of elements recognizes every substance known to and made by man. These substances in their purest forms can react or combine and form new substances. All in this world has a chemical formula aka recipe;  water, salt,Continue reading “WTF Everything has chemicals?”

Drive You Crazy

I always loved to read. What I love more is to uncover mystery and rare facts. I remember at my grandma’s, hiding downstairs behind the sofa with the bookshelves, devouring page after page of books that came home from auctions and antiquing. So many would sit shelved, waiting for someone to open up to theirContinue reading “Drive You Crazy”

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