Face Care



For Men & Women, Teens and Between’s.

Shaping, grooming, defining, cleaning up; whatever your request.

Now offering Eyebrow Henna! Try natural plant based dye instead of traditional toxic tint.




Best done in a series. Recommended weekly. How many sessions needed varies; packages are sold in 6 or more, at a discounted rate to honor your commitment.
**Those with Botox or fillers of any variety are not recommended to utilize gua sha techniques as they can contribute to faster metabolization and even migration of such substances. Gua sha can replace botox & fillers with regular applications.**
Although freshly popularized, gua sha is ancient. It dates back to the Paleolithic period, the Stone Age — an era of pre-history distinguished by the original development of stone tools which demonstrate a large percentage of human technological advancements. In Chinese, gua means to scrape or rub. Sha translates to red; a flush of blood under the skin. This treatment does very well to eliminate stagnant fluids that may collect themselves between the many layers of tissues. In modern medical terms, these fluids contain metabolic waste that has become congested in the skin surface, tissues, and muscles. This type of accumulation leads to poor oxygenation and ultimately, tissue degradation, aka aging, which is often premature.



Non-invasive, relaxing, and promotes microcirculation to the face for immediate and visual benefits to all areas involved. Lack of circulation comes from many sources such as:

  • excessive smoking
  • drinking alcohol and caffeine
  • subluxations
  • muscle knots
  • stress and tension.

These blockages in the natural flow leads to diminished Oxygen supply, inadequate nutrient delivery and poor lymphatic drainage.

Best done in a series. Recommended weekly or biweekly. How many sessions needed varies; packages are sold in 6 or more, at a discounted rate to honor your commitment.



Love the skin you’re in!

Proper cleansing, increased circulation, lymphatic stimulation, hydration and muscle toning! “Facials” for any part of the body! Each session is tailored to your needs with infusions to the skin — beneficial vitamins, minerals, herbs, superfoods and more. Target any concerns or conditions with customized care for Face or Body. Amplify results and lift by adding facial Gua Sha or Facial Cupping to your tailored treatments for $38.

Re-balance, Re-hydrate, Revitalize, Restore!

Link to my magical moisture mist (and other things coming soon!)

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Gentle cleansing and the incorporation of one or several spectrums of LED light. Signal cells, speed healing, reduce scarring, advanced & premature aging, inflammation, bruising, promote detox, and remedy conditions of premature aging, acne, rosacea, dry skin & more. May be added to any of your tailored treatments for $40.




All the benefits of the tailored treatment, plus! Crystals and gemstones hold subtle energies, as does the body. This combines the power of each, amplifying the effects of traditional skincare. Literally leave lifted!

Gemstones hold energy, and some are known as “piezoelectric”. The energy produced as a result of friction between the human body and the stone can be transferred and transformed. The minerals in each gemstone act as “cells” that carry different frequencies of energy depending on the elements of its composition. These energies resonate with our own cells, and can illicit reactions and vibrational changes within the systems of our bodies. Treatments can be done to calm irritation and minimize swelling or puffiness. Inflammation, acne or rosacea can be diminished. Use can induce relaxation, restore and regenerate! Crystals and gemstones have been known to facilitate healing on mental, physical, spiritual and emotional levels. It is a completely risk-free, effective, and non-invasive way to begin healing from within.




Cannabidiol, CBD. If you are not familiar with the effects of this prized plant constituent, you’ll want to learn more as soon as possible. 100% pure, legal, CBD-rich, and THC free cannabis plant-parts used in various ways. Enjoy a traditional European-style facial with products formulated to be rich in phyto-Cannabinoids. Experience the healing benefits while fighting off inflammation, degeneration, rapid oxidation, and cell mutations. Added benefits of relaxation, stress management and rejuvenation. This service will be named the “Ultra Calming Trx” via our online booking system. 





Gentle removal of debris that collects in the skin. To assure comfortable and proper removal, this is only offered as an additional service to any skin treatment.

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