Brow Henna / Mehandi



Lawsonia inermis, the plant name for Henna, and other botanicals have been expertly blended in to powder formulas activated by mineral waters for skin and hair coverage.

A natural and safer alternative to the industry-dominant brow tints to today, brow henna will stain the skin where hair is sparse. It will also give great coverage to grey, adding depth and dimension to frame your face.

Brow henna conditions the hair, perfect for those with unruly or coarse brow hair.

Mehandi Body Art

$ Pricing varies by size

Free-hand art done with all natural, high quality henna powder, which represents Eastern heritage rites of passage, blessings, and protection. Done especially for travelers and warriors, Mother’s to-be, marraige, and coming-of-age ceremonies. In recent times, it has gained popularity and yields fun for any age or gender. Available for parties and special events.

*Henna does need to cure; the paste should be mixed 24hrs prior to use. Please keep this in mind with booking and schedule accordingly.

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