Salt Room + Oxygen Bar

Salt and Oxygen are two of the most powerful healing substances in the chemical world!

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Our salt room features chromotherapy lighting, adding ambiance and therapeutic value. Seating a group of 4 comfortably, our room is entirely salt from floor to ceiling! Sessions are booked in 15 minute intervals, full sessions being 45 minutes. During that time tablespoons of ultra pure, pharmaceutical grade sodium chloride are dispersed as a micron sized particle to act in detoxification, cellular hydration, a natural expectorant, and inflammation reduction. Excellent for symptoms associated with allergies, asthma, any chronic or acute respiratory trouble, skin problems, joint pain, fatigue and so much more!

Without Oxygen, no biological process can carry on; Oxygen becomes increasingly important in times of healing.

Our Oxygen Bar features optional aromatherapy using 100% pure and therapeutic grade essential oils, adding to your experience. Oil blends can target headaches, stress, muscle tension, congestion, and much more.



15 MIN $25⁹

30 MIN $30

45 MIN $35



5 MIN $6

10 MIN $11

15 MIN $16

20 MIN $21

25 MIN $26


Most normal and healthy individuals do not need to breathe Oxygen in intervals larger than 10 and 15 minutes. We use an oximeter for a general read on your levels and administer accordingly.


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