The MAD (???) Aesthetic

What does that mean? The way I think about it, Aesthetics is a DEEP field. It’s more than cosmetics, beauty, skincare. It’s personal; EVERYTHING pertaining to your senses. Sight || Touch || Taste || Smell || Sound …and it’s NOT just for women! Most importantly, it will evolve! Mine is still evolving. I went fromContinue reading “The MAD (???) Aesthetic”

“Skin deep” // new meaning

Gotta have “thick skin” in this world. I find meaning behind that coined phrase…in more ways than one. How thick is skin exactly? [Keep reading and you’ll get a visual.] Answering that question depends who we examine; Age, gender, ethnicity, lifestyle, and area of examination will influence results. Licensed for professional skincare since 2008, IContinue reading ““Skin deep” // new meaning”

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